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Why is branding important?

Why do I need branding? Is it important? Here to tell you 3 reasons why you should do branding!

What is branding, and why is branding important? These are the questions we are often asked. Here is why: Imagine you are at a speed dating event, where you have only 5 minutes to introduce yourself, what would you say?How do you make sure you can stand out from others? Even better, will you be able to make your date interested in you without selling aggressively? Same applies to the brands planning to brand themselves aboard.


In this episode- [Why Branding Is Important], we point out three main important points of branding. It doesn’t matter if you are keen to build up your personal branding, or vying to establish branding for your business, it will be the reason you should start doing it now. 

Remember the speed dating example? Branding is important because:

  1. Irreplaceable: Once you establish your brand presence and brand image, you will stand out from the crowd/competitors. 

  2. Quick highlights for your brand: A good branding is like a clean and neat CV, helping audience/customers grasp the merit of your brand at a glance, and even make an impression. Needless to say, making an impression is crucial in this digital era where there is an internet information explosion where it is difficult to attract attention. 

  3. Maximise your brand mind share of the right audience: In the past, market share is what all the business models are talking about. But branding and marketing in the digital era, you are not only competing with your competitors, but also competing with other brands and information online that might distract them from YOUR brand. By branding, not only does it help customers know about the brand of your business, but also makes them think of you when they think of certain words or images, your brand will appear in their mind as classical conditioning. 


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