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Branding what? How branding is done exactly?

We all know branding is important. It is the only way to build your brand equity, but it also sounds very difficult and complex, or is it? No matter if you have a brand to be reshaped, rebuilt, or you just started a brand, here we have three simple but fundamental practices that everyone can take on to start planning your branding strategy.

In this episode, we listed three approaches before start laying out your brand strategy: 


  1. Chat with people who know you

    : Funnily enough, this is our first suggestion to start with if you want to build brand equity. For big brands, it can be your customers. If your branding budget allows, it doesn’t hurt to have a survey campaign. However, if you are a boutique brand, then don’t worry -- What you need to do is focus on social media. Look into both your posts and your competitors' and read the comments, since customers can be most honest when commenting behind the screen. But be aware, make sure not to be carried away by some of the negative outliers. Further, if you are working on your personal branding, just talk to your friends. You might be surprised that they know about your brand equity better than yourself.

  2. Document everything like writing a diary

    Sometimes everyday life feels unimpressive. Many, especially those from B2B sectors, don’t even recognise their brand equity. That’s because you have not looked into it. Similar to the “gratitude list”, if you don’t know what’s special about your brand, don’t panic. List everything down. You can start with the following: What is going on in your everyday business? Which roles are involved in preparing a product? What inspired you to develop one prototype? What’s the feedback your client gave you today? These are all things that fundamentally build up your brand, but it often goes unnoticed. This “brand diary” can help you identify the brand’s characteristics, and we will need the final step. 

  3. Find three adjectives to describe your brand

    After the first two steps, you might be overwhelmed by the zillions of aspects of your brands. How do you put together your brand equity? Worry not, now you want to simply pick three adjectives that:You can identify with your own brandWhat you want clients to think of you.Resonates with your clients.

There you have it, the basic three steps to build the cornerstone of your brand equity. Next time, we will be talking about brand strategy. It is not anything too fancy to be implemented and as easy as pie. Until the next episode!


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