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Your Branding Tips Are Here

BuonX Consultancy, being a branding consultancy that brings brands to Asia, is now having its first Chinese podcast, Play With BuonX. It's now available on Youtube, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and KKbox.

In this era of social media and self-made celebrity, branding is not just for big corporations like Apple and Coca-cola, it goes down to startups and personal level. Branding is about building a trustworthy and clear image for your clients/ customers to know when to find you or think about you when it comes to their needs.

The conversation will be led by three Asia market experts in different professional fields: independent branding consultant Betty, backend tech guru in music industry and podcaster ECHO and experienced associate producer Melody to talk about branding in multiple layers and in different industries. 

In each episode, BuonX will be using no more than 15 minutes to take listeners through the branding process, taking and answering all the questions from as beginner as “Why do we need branding” to how to actually do right branding in different stages? 

In the trailer,  aside from introducing themselves and the intriguing background story of the brand name,  the three Asian experts also bring up the step before the first step into branding- to know yourself (or your brand) enough to make an introduction. In the meantime, they also open up the journey of the logo transition, which involves agile methodology and trial and error

If you want to know more, leave a message to us on our social media channel, we will be happy to answer the questions and possibly incorporate the question in our next episode. Enjoy!

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