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Cultural Accessibility Is For Us

Cultural accessibility is not only relevant to those with disabilities.

While cultural accessibility is often associated with non profit, we refused to take this approach when working with CASI (Cultural Accessibility and Social Inclusion) conference 2019. It was the first of its kind in Asia, the conference invited many key figures in the field around the world to come and exchange their experience. 


The Solutions

  • - Breaking the barrier of non-profit and art

  • - Pitching with cultural angles

  • - Attracting attention and media coverage internationally



With the distinguished guest list, we refused to position the pitch as a non-profit organisation. As the year’s focus was on art accessibility, we took the challenge to rephrase the pitch in the Art and Culture sector, rather than the Welfare and Non-profit.

Although it was not an easy PR task but the opening of the conference attracted all major media outlets to cover in Art and Culture. We also managed to secure three in-depth interviews by art magazines and one radio interview by an award winning show both from Taiwan and aboard. 

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